Farmhouse – 210817 - Day 140

Farmhouse – 210817 - Day 140

140 days ago I bought a property in Plymouth, WI - 92 acres, a farmhouse and various outbuildings and infrastructure.

I am renovating the Farmhouse from the studs. Window moves, plenty of demo, structural framing, partition wall framing, plumbing, electrical, the whole shebang. Various friends have expressed enthusiasm for everything from a video blog, to stories, to writing and to having Chip and Joanna come over for a show. The project is in fact cool, I am working on it every day, and I am enthusiastic about it. So I’ve decided to, on most days, write and share a paragraph or two. I hope you will enjoy these writings – maybe it will be the technical construction, my half-haphazard enthusiasm, the breadth and scale of the project, or the craft of building one’s home. Here goes:

Today I put the first bits of plumbing, starting with the PVC drain and vent system. My brain is melting. I’ve hardly worked with plumbing. The codes and best practices are slightly complicated to start with, and it’s made more complicated at the farmhouse by 2x4 walls (rather than 2x6), a 24” stone foundation that blocks most easy drains to the basement, and a lack of foresight while I re-framed the house. It's taken an excess of head-scratching, head shaking, curses and a few insights, but I now have the drain/vent system largely mapped out. This morning I made a shopping list and headed to Home Depot, where I bought enough PVC fittings and pipe to start a small plumbing business. By dinner time I had a toilet flange installed with a drain headed to the basement and vent pointed to the attic.

​That’s that for today. Maybe along the way I’ll catch you up on some of the farmcrafting and house building that has gone on the previous 139 days, and also keep you up to date on farm happenings going forward. This will be fun. Thanks for being part of the intrepid adventure.

Speaking of intrepid adventure. We’re engaged!! Luke Kurey and Farmboss Andrea Keefe are engaged to be married :)
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