Custom Processing

We legally custom process our pork (and, eventually, beef), for you, at Farmcraft. Custom processed animals, however, are not allowed to be sold by the cut. That's why all of our sales are for the whole (or shares) of the animal. This kind of sale makes you the whole (or partial) owner of the animal. Custom processed meat is labeled "not for sale", meaning not for sale beyond you, the whole (or partial) owner.

We process our chickens under the Poultry Processing Exemption. This jewel of liberty means that we can legally process chickens on our farm and sell that chicken direct-to-consumer from our farm.

We process chicken in the open air, or under canopy. This is the most sanitary method of meat processing - fresh oxygen, moving air and sunshine are powerful sanitizers. No pathogens can build up from day to day. And our small-scale on-farm processing helps close the nutrient loop, allowing us to provide you even more sustainable and ethical meat.

Processing the animals at Farmcraft means the animals live their whole life on the farm. This eliminates the animals’ transportation stress. It closes the nutrient loop. It cuts down on fossil fuel inputs. It is an exercise in liberty. It flows money through our local economy. It encourages entrepreneurship and small business and close relationships. And on-farm processing allows for the most dignified processing at the place that knows, loves and values the animals most.