Farm Party! -- May 20, 2023 -- Dinner, Drinks, Potted Herbs & Farm Tour

Farmcraft Farm

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We’re having a party! A spring awakening, fluffy yellow chicks, tomatoes in the ground, meat birds on pasture, piglets on pasture, and cows on pasture farm-celebration. We are excited to have friends, customers, neighbors and wider community for a gathering featuring a Farm Tour, Drinks, Take-Home Potted Herbs and Famous Farmcraft Pasture Raised Wedding Rotisserie Chicken. There will be a walking tour, led by Farmer Luke, through the orchard, garden, hoop house and pastures and we will visit our beef cows, pigs and piglets, chicks, meat birds and laying hens. You are further welcome to walk and wander the farm at your leisure. For drinks, we will have water and beer and wine you can help yourself to, but feel free to BYO if you want something specific. For food, we are having back our wedding caterer (Pork In The Road) that used a notably good ingredient – Farmcraft Pasture Raised Chicken – to rotisserie the most delicious chicken the state has ever tasted for our 2022 wedding. He is back, we have more Farmcraft Pasture Raised Chicken for the rotisserie, and we will enjoy a superb buffet-style outdoor farm dinner. Finally, we will have herbs for you to pot up and take home for this Summer growing season. We will have a tent, if needed for weather, and tables and chairs. Bring your walking shoes so you can enjoy the farm in its’ Spring Splendor. 

May 20. Arrive 2-3pm. Tour at 3 PM. Dinner at 430PM. Party’s over at 7PM.

60 tickets only, please get yours soon if you would like to come.

Adults $30. Kids $5. We are just trying to break even on this (caterer, beer, wine, chicken, chairs, tables, tent). If you don’t have or don’t want to spend that much money, email us and you can come anyway.