Forest Raised Pork - 1/6th Pig Variety Bundle

Farmcraft Farm

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Forest raised pork for sale. Likely you have never eaten pork raised 100% outdoors on pasture and in the forest. That’s where pigs want to be, and that’s where these pigs were raised. The pigs were incredibly happy and healthy, and they were able to express their nature every day – sunbathing, napping in the shade, digging for roots, foraging for nuts and berries. These pigs lived out their natural pigness in a no-stress, nutritionally diverse and outdoor environment. It made for happy animals, and it is going to make for exceptionally delicious pork. 

Offering 1/6th pigs. 1/6th of a pig will be about 16-24 pounds of meat (I expect 20 pounds) and will take up about 1/4 to 1/3 of a top freezer. Cuts will be wrapped in freezer paper and labeled. Shares will include Pork Chops, Breakfast Sausage, Ribs, Hams and Bacon, each of which will be allocated as evenly as possible to each share. Your share will be ready for pick up in early November. This is fun and delicious food to give as a gift or to share with your family and friends this holiday season. Stock up now to have food that will warm your soul this Fall and Winter.

 Only 9 shares available. $140 is the full amount to buy your 1/6th pig share, which will be ready in early November. When it sells out, it sells out until we raise more pigs next year.