Pasture Raised Pork - 1/2 Hog

Farmcraft Farm

Regular price $399.00

We have pigs on the pasture! Half hogs are available for purchase today. Custom processing will take place in February 2023, followed by free DELIVERY to your doorstep.


This is pork raised 100% outdoors on pasture and in the forest. That’s where pigs want to be, and that’s where these pigs are raised. The pigs are incredibly happy and healthy, and they are able to express their nature every day – sunbathing, napping in the shade, digging for roots, foraging for nuts and berries. These pigs live out their natural pigness in a no-stress, nutritionally diverse and outdoor environment. It makes for happy animals and for exceptionally delicious pork.

This year, and in the future, we are raising Idaho Pasture Pigs. This is grass-eating breed of pig. These pigs get about half of their calories from grass, fitting beautifully into our grass-based regenerative farm. The grass + grain diet leads to a beautifully marbled and red, high omega-3, delicious and nutritionally vital pork.


$399 is the total price you will pay - it includes the animal, processing, packaging, sausage making, smoking, curing, and delivery. It will come out to about $6.70 per pound of Farmcraft pasture raised pork.

We custom process our animals right at Farmcraft. This means you get to talk right to us, the farmers and butchers, so that you get exactly what you want.

We plan to butcher at about 230 pounds. For a half-hog, you will receive frozen and packaged about 55-65 pounds of finished cuts. A half-hog will approximately include, subject to your customization:

  • 12 pounds pork chops
  • 1 pound tenderloin
  • 12 pounds shoulder roasts
  • 2 ham hock roasts
  • 4 pounds spare ribs
  • 15 pounds ham (can be cured and/or smoked)
  • 8 pounds bacon (can be cured and/or smoked)
  • 8 pounds sausage (italian, breakfast, etc. Bulk or Links)

We want to provide you with what you want - bigger roasts vs smaller roasts, more sausage grind vs more roasts, bone-in vs bone-out roasts, pork steaks vs ham, links vs bulk sausage, number of chops per package, etc. We can talk you through any of these decisions based on your preferences, cooking style, family size. If there is a certain cut you really want - a Frenched Rib Roast - or a theme - as much sausage as possible! -whatever you want, we can talk about making it happen. Or, we can provide you with our recommended half hog package.

A half-hog is a good chunk of pork, but it will fit in a standard top/bottom fridge/freezer without a problem. Expect 55-65 pounds, 3-4 cubic feet in your freezer. A person or family can easily go through a half hog, but If you want to split your half-hog with a friend, go for it! There is enough to split and everyone will still get some of each type of cut.

Delivery February 2023 to Sheboygan County, Maintowoc County, Calument County, Ozaukee County, Washington County, Waukesha County, Milwaukee County.