Pasture Raised Pork - Available Soon! Delivery ~ Dec 2022

Farmcraft Farm

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We will add inventory late this Summer as our pigs grow out. Butchering and delivery will likely take place in December 2022.

Email today if you want to get a special notification when we start taking orders.


Pasture raised pork for sale. Likely you have never eaten pork raised 100% outdoors on pasture and in the forest. That’s where pigs want to be, and that’s where these pigs are raised. The pigs are incredibly happy and healthy, and they are able to express their nature every day – sunbathing, napping in the shade, digging for roots, foraging for nuts and berries. These pigs live out their natural pigness in a no-stress, nutritionally diverse and outdoor environment. It makes for happy animals and for exceptionally delicious pork.