Farmhouse (Farm Garage) – 210823 - Day 146

Farmhouse (Farm Garage) – 210823 - Day 146

Welcome to the House Garage, my lovely indoor/outdoor 200 sq foot abode. This has been home for the better part of 5 months. The House Garage started as a utilitarian place, a place to keep dry clothes and get away from the saw dust. It has since become a pace of luxuriant living, with hot showers, Michelin star farm fresh meals, refrigeration, coffee, wifi and cocktails. The House Garage is perfect. I could hardly want for anything. if cold cold weather was not an impending geographic reality, then maybe it would be home indefinitely. Let me explain the amenities, and I’m sure you will agree, a 60-year-old freestanding garage and some patio lights are all a fella really needs.

The Sink:
The sink is maybe the heart of the House Garage. A hose works in a pinch, but life is nicer when you can turn on the water and it just keeps running, hands free, so that you can wash your hands and face, clean dishes, fill the coffee maker. This $5 ReStore sink sits atop a 48” custom crafted vanity.Plumbing:
Can’t have a sink without plumbing. Well water is plumbed in via shallow buried ¾” PEX. Our well water is 45 degrees – a 6 gallon mini-tank water heater, providing 105 degree water, is probably the amenity that has taken us to a 4-Star Resort Rating. Hot water is available at the sink, and at the…

Outdoor Shower:
The outdoor shower is one temperature – 105 degrees, ish – for about 3 minutes. Three sides keep the neighbors (well, there really aren’t any neighbors) from peeping and a deck keeps your feet clean and drainage simple. An outdoor shower in the hot sun or under the moon and stars will have you giggling like a schoolchild.
A refrigerator enormously increases the convenience of eating clean, nutritious, powerful food.
Dresser, Shelves, Hanger Rod:
Self explanatory.
Patio Set and Lights:
Vibes at the House Garage went in a very appealing direction with the installation of a hummingbird feeder and string lights. The House Garage patio is the place to be.
Camp Stove:
Our 2-burner camp stove, on a 20-lb propane bottle, does the lion’s share of cooking and boiling water.

Finally, The Bialetti and Baratza:
You’d be a fool to try to build a house and farm without coffee. And while you’re at it, it might as well be good coffee. Luxuriant living at the farm is rounded out by the Bialetti stove top “moka pot” (percolator coffee maker) and the Baratza burr grinder. 

Thanks for reading. I’m going back to plumbing. Learning plumbing code and implementing best practices is taking all of my attention and focus. In the last couple days, I’ve roughed in PVC drain/vent for two 2nd floor bathrooms and the laundry/mud room. 


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