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Pasture Raised and Organic Fed Eggs

Pasture Raised and Organic Fed Eggs

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 If you could do one thing for your health - your daily vitality and long term well being - pastured eggs would be it.


Outstandingly nutritious and notably delicious - a claim backed by science, the health of our birds and the experience of our customers - pastured eggs. Our hens free range organic grass & clover pastures during the Spring, Summer and Fall, and are sheltered in a bright, dry and warm hoop house with deep mulch bedding during the Winter.

Clean, unwashed eggs - they will maintain high quality for a few weeks on the counter, or a couple months in the refrigerator.

Available by:

Farm pickup - Order online, pickup the next day (or when you are ready) at the beautiful Farmcraft Farm.

Monthly Delivery - We deliver to the doorstep of Sheboygan County homes on the first Wednesday of each month.

Farmer's Market Pickup - Pickup your order at our tent at the Sheboygan County Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 8am-1pm in the Summer and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month 9am-12pm in the Winter.



If you wonder why pastured eggs would be the one best thing you could do for your health, read on:

Most of the world's soil is dead. It lacks the accessible minerals, beneficial fungi, physical structure and the billion symbiotic microbes that are hosted in every teaspoon of healthy soil. That's a bummer for everyone, because you are what you eat and the food you eat is a direct reflection of the soil it was grown in. Monocroping, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides - the overused tools of industrial agriculture - have led to a denuded soil. A steady stream of synthetics is pumped into the soil, as if the soil was merely an aggregate for holding the roots of the plants, and a yield is produced, but that yield, that food, is bereft and lifeless. It's cheap food, yes. For a hundred years we have spent a smaller and smaller percent of our income on food. But perhaps we have taken it too far and at too great an expense.

It's a deep predicament we find ourselves in. But, as far as your health goes, the easiest, lowest cost, delightfully delicious and most beneficial thing you can do is to just eat pasture raised eggs.

Our pastures are diverse and abundant in life. No -cides are sprayed on them. Several grass and clover species dominate and provide most of the ground cover and forage. Weeds of a dozen varieties are interspersed here and there. Toads, grasshoppers, fireflies, butterflies and dragonflies all have their season every year. The pasture is permanent - no soil tillage - and the green covering pumps carbon down through its roots and into the soil. This pasture-soil carbon pump sequesters atmospheric carbon, builds generational soil fertility, feeds the soil foodweb and unlocks soil minerals.

Farmcraft hens spend their time, dawn to dusk, foraging in this ecosystem. They have outstanding vision to spot exactly what they need among the buffet of soil organisms, plants, seeds and insects.  They have a gizzard and digestive tract to unlock the nutrition from rough forage. They scratch the soil, look, peck, scratch, snip blades of grass, grab seed heads, scratch. All day long they gather the minerals, vitamins and macronutrients of the living pasture. And they wrap all of this hard work, this diverse assortment of nutrients, into a wonderfully packaged egg. They lay an egg nearly every day. The egg is a representation of their soil, habitat and diet.

Pastured foods, in general, are of greater nutritional density and nutritional accessibility than the feedlot or feedhouse counterpart (i.e. grassfed beef vs feedlot grainfed, pastured pigs vs barn pigs, pastured chicken vs chicken houses). Eggs have been analyzed and determined to have the biggest difference from the metal and concrete chicken houses to the living habitat of pastures and hoophouses. No wonder, when we compare the packed and lifeless environment of a 50,000 bird chicken house to a free-ranged pasture. Eggs are your easiest and lowest cost way into pasture-raised foods, and maybe the most beneficial of pasture-raised foods vs "conventional" foods.

Incredible you can get all of this for $6 a dozen, from our Farm to you and your family. We've set up our farm infrastructure, flock and animal husbandry systems so that you, our customers and community, have easy and affordable access to the daily nutritional wonder that is a Farmcraft pasture raised egg.

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